Assuming that you’ve done the necessary steps to create a blog, you might be thinking about how you can make money blogging. Well, it is actually easy, especially if you know what to do. Read further to find out some easy steps to get started.

Establish Your Audience

Your number one weapon in blogging is the blog posts that you write. Therefore, it is vital that you come up with something that is not only valuable to your readers but something that would want people to come back for more.

Before you can earn some sizable amount of money through blogging, it is important that you establish your audience base first. To do this, you not only create compelling blog posts, but you want to keep them engaged by sending them timely emails whenever you post some new content.

You can utilize your email list by giving your audience a chance to opt-in and they should be receiving email updates whenever you have something new to offer.

Monetize Your Blog

The next logical step here once you’ve established a sizable audience is to start thinking about ways you can monetize your blog. There are actually so many different avenues you can look into. Here are just some of them:

Affiliate Marketing

This is probably the best way to earn money by blogging. Affiliate marketing is a digital marketing scheme where you create content and embed affiliate links given to you by your partner vendors.

Each time your audience clicks on the said links and does whatever it is that is required of them on the link provided (say, buy a product), you will receive a percentage commission for your efforts.

Now, imagine if you have 5,000 visitors come to your blog every month; of which, 450 of them would click on the link and buy stuff from there. Assuming that you earn a 10% commission on a $100 product, that is $10 for every person that buys the product times 450 people.

That is just a theoretical figure to help illustrate the earning potential by using affiliate marketing as your monetization strategy.

Google Ads

I know, online ads have garnered some negative reputation ever since they were abused a couple of years ago. But, Google has now made changes to the algorithm which discourages the abuse of using ads, therefore, using it as part of your monetization strategy is safe.

You can use Google Adsense so that the platform will post relevant ads on your blog. In addition to this, you may also want to go and find advertisers so that you can post private ads on your blog as well.

What is the main difference between the two? Well, I would prefer using Google Adsense since it is much safer, but the potential earnings of private ads are even better. Choose one that works for you.

Post Regular Content

For both of the above-mentioned strategies to work, it is crucial that you always post content on a regular basis. This is so that your audience remains engaged and enticed to buy whatever it is that you are offering to them.

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