Among the many things that you can buy and wear, a watch is a timeless masterpiece. You wouldn’t live 20 years from now and look at a picture of yourself saying, “oh man, why did I wear a watch!?”
The fact of the matter is; men’s watches are more complex than you think. Sure, you can find buy one based on a certain thing, but there is more than meets the eye when choosing one.
In this article, I will talk about everything that you need to know about watches so that it will be much easier for you to find one for yourself.

The Parts of a Watch

  • Watch Movement

You might have found over the internet that a watch is always told based on its movement. Well, the watch movement is basically the mechanism that the watch uses when it comes to its movement.
Watches that have smooth watch movements are typically either automatic or mechanical watches as it uses a mainspring and not a battery to power its mechanism.
Quartz watches use a battery and are, therefore, more accurate than the previous two types. However, because of the craftsmanship, automatic watches are more revered than the other two movements.

  • Watch Case

The watch case is basically the house of your watch’s mechanisms. This includes the parts that you cannot see and the watch face itself.
The watch case is usually denoted in millimeters and for men, you typically have to buy one that is the right fit for your wrist. Most men’s watches are sized 38mm up to 50mm.
To find the right-sized watch for you, you must first measure your wrist in inches. Men who have 6-7-inch wrists should look into watches that measure from 38-42mm. Men with larger wrists should look into watches from 42-50mm.

  • Watch Face

The watch’s face is where you will find the watch’s main functionality: timekeeping. It is also where you can find the watch’s other features (if there are any). Think about a stopwatch, a chronograph, a tachymeter, a calendar, and so much more.

  • Watch Strap

Also known as the watchband, the strap is what holds the entire watch case on your wrist. The most popular options include metal, leather, resin (or rubber), and fabric or NATO strap.
Ideally, you want a watchband that can perfectly complement your lifestyle and wardrobe. For formal events, a metal or leather strap is preferred. For more active or casual affairs, NATO or rubber strap is good.

Watch Types

Think of this as the style of the watch. Here are some of the most popular ones that you can find on the market:

  • Dress Watch

A dress watch is characterized by its more subdued look and is great for formal events. This type of watch usually comes with a leather strap and an analog display.

  • Sports Watch

Specifically built for active individuals, sports watches typically go with rubber or nylon straps and fairly large due to the fact that it’s got way more watch features than others.

  • Smartwatch

The newest type of watch, a smartwatch can be linked to your smartphone or tablet for extra added functionality. It usually comes with a rubber strap and has a large digital display so that it can present more information to you at once.

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