What is a ‘Limp’ in Poker?

Limp in Poker

The limp can have many definitions depending on the context. In poker as the other alternative to online slot malaysia, the term ‘limp’ is used to refer to the absolute minimum amount of bet you can place during a game so that you can stay in a hand.

Aside from calling it a limp, the term is also known as the flat call, calling the blind, or even the limp in.

Usually, limping is used whenever the person in the little blind decides to call the big blind instead of raising.

Limping is not a strategy that is often used by many since it is considered to be weak or even a passive play. This is usually only seen in poker games where it is played predominantly by newbie and inexperienced players.

The Small Blind Limp

What is a ‘Limp’ in Poker?There is this thing called Small Blind Limp and the best way for me to explain this would be to give you a nice example.

Suppose that a limp is being dealt 8-9 off-suit in the small blind.

All of the other players will fold, leaving only you (the player who limps) and the big blind. You put in the minimum bet, hoping that the big blind will conduct a simple check so that you will have the opportunity to see a cheap flop.

If you decide to limp from the small blind position, you run the risk that the big blind will do a raise and you will have to quickly decide whether you match the raise to see the flop or not.

Even though it can present such a risk, it is still just a cheap investment since you’ve already made a bet of only half of the amount of the big blind should you choose to fold rather than to limp in.

If you do start out with a strong hand when you’re in the small blind, limping could provide you with a weak or passive move. However, things would change if the big blind decides to raise since you will have the option of re-raising and making the pot better. Do keep in mind, though, that by doing so, it will signal to the player that you have a strong hand.

The Open Limp

What is a ‘Limp’ in Poker?The open limp is another limp variant. Suppose that you are the player in the under the gun position and you get to have the first response to a pre-flop.

The big blind pays a minimum bet of, say, $10, so you also match that offer.

The action starts. Players have the chance of either doing a raise, making a call or even fold. In the event that everyone decides to fold and the big blind checks, you and the one in the said position are the only ones who are going to stay in the tourney.

This means that not only will you have the chance of getting a much bigger prize, but you also get to have that pot sweetened even more thanks to the small contribution of the small blind.